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Consulting Services
Business often turns to consultants for expert advice and information. Independent consultants or consulting groups provide a few Significant advantages over keeping the work in-house and burdening staff or permanently adding highly skilled new staff to accomplish a short term project.

  • Expert Advice without the distraction of internal conflicts or the “We have always done it that way” philosophy.
  • Increased Credibility provided by using an independent, third party source.
  • Speed and Focus, an independent consultant is focused on the task rather than juggling day to day responsibilities as is required by using in-house resources.

Consulting Experience & Expertise
Consultants at The Strategic Marketing group have expertise and experience in a wide range of industries and situations. Our projects include everything from an International Market Assessment for business expansion to new store openings on Main Street USA.

Consulting Experience
Strategic Planning & Implementation
New Start-Ups – New Products – New Markets
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Sales Lead Catalogs
Competitive Analysis
Market Research & Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions
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Sales & Sales Management Training
Customer Relations Training
Business Analysis & Operational Consulting
Voice of the Customer


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